Reconciliation (Confession)

This is presently the most neglected Sacrament in the Western world! Traditionally referred to as ‘Confession’ it is still an immense treasure in the life of the Church. It provides a pathway to peace and renewal for all of us who want to turn from our sins. We are very happy to celebrate this Sacrament with those who request it on every possible occasion.

We are not using the Confession Box during this time of Covid restrictions, but will restore its use as soon as possible. For the time being, we offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation on request in the room off the Sacristy.

The Sacrament of First Reconciliation (Confession) will be arranged as soon as we have a clear picture of what is possible under Covid 19 restrictions. Click on link for Children’s Preparatory Book for First Reconciliation and First Communion

Forms Of Celebration

The sacrament can be celebrated in a one-to-one encounter with a priest: this is known as ‘individual confession’. Many parishes also organise ‘Penitential Services’ at special times; e.g. Advent, Lent and Parish Missions. In this form of celebration, which is communal, people prepare as a community and many priests hear the confessions individually and people receive absolution individually.